Summer Barbecue – Big Success!

Around thirty people (and four pet dogs) enjoyed an evening of barbecued delights, Rounders, Boules and a quiz, basking in the heat of our current super summer. In addition, we raised £105 towards this years’ Children in Need appeal!

The event was masterminded by Lee, who signed up an excellent members crew to provide Barbecue equipment, chef skills, additional side orders, setting and and clearing up. Peter Searle and David Reeves organised a fun, but fierce, Rounders competition, narrowly won by the Chairman’s eleven.

The quiz proved particularly trying – especially for the teachers table who failed to spot the anagram sheet completely! Penny and the Puzzlers were victorious and were awarded the prestigious prizes of yellow mega-courgettes (kindly donated by David from his experimental Triffid farm / allotment).


It was an evening of tremendous fun, many thanks to all who assisted in the preparation and clear-up. Once again Hats Off to Lee for making it a great club event and for all the hard work!


Posted By Paul Smith

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