Dear Members,

Your committee has met to plan for introducing some tennis again in light of the latest changes to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Although we can now play doubles and singles, we must not congregate to socialise at all between games. We are therefore extending your membership of the club without paying any subscription until the situation changes and we are able to offer a full ‘club’ experience again. Please be considerate and spread your usage to allow everyone a chance to play.

These are the arrangements for play in line with current LTA Guidance for Venues during ‘club’ sessions with effect from June 1st:

· There will singles/doubles play, using all 4 courts
· The Pavilion will remain closed, so no floodlights or toilets will be available.
· One hour slots will be bookable:

o Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm
o Saturday at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
· We have agreed to make no charge for playing until June 30th. After that the situation will be reviewed and we may introduce a pay and play fee.
· Initially you should arrange matches individually and use the booking system below, please make sure you include both player names in the booking.
· You can use the WhatsApp group to find someone to play against if you haven’t been able to arrange with someone directly.
· I will send out the court padlock code for the current week on a Monday for use from the Tuesday. Please only use this code for playing during our sessions and do not share it with anyone outside the club.

To maintain everyone’s safety please adhere to these safety and hygiene measures:
· Everyone must use their own balls which should be marked with your name, or use a shared set if all players wash their hands before and after play, and avoid touching their faces
· Use your own disposable gloves or hand sanitiser when opening and closing the padlock and gate or adjusting net height (but only if necessary)
· You must adhere to latest LTA Guidance for Players at all times – LTA Guidance for Tennis Players.
· You must maintain social distancing at all times and follow the other latest GOV.UK COVID-19 rules
· Use the first gate to access courts 1 and 2 and the bottom gate for courts 3 and 4
· Leave courts at least 5 minutes before the end of the hour to allow space for next players
· Lock court before leaving if it appears no one else has booked after you

Please use the booking system below, or direct via CMLTC bookings from computer or smart-phone.

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