Finals Day 9th September 2017

The 2017 Corfe Mullen Lawn Tennis Club Finals took place on Saturday, 9th September and all six finals were completed, despite heavy showers and some close, but long-running matches!

All matches were played in keen competition, but in a great club atmosphere. Well done to all the finalists and on behalf of the committee I would like to thank those special few who volunteered as umpires or line judges, and to those who braved the conditions to spectate and support the club; without you, the championships would be a poor affair.


Afternoon Tea was provided by a selection of committee members, which I am sure was appreciated by all.

The trophies are splendid! Thanks Bridget for organising them.

This years trophies, ready to be won!
This years trophies, ready to be won!

Thanks to Tony our President for assisting me with the prize giving.

Finally, our greatest thanks to Lee Franklin for all his tireless efforts in organising the tournaments that culminate in a successful and enjoyable finals day.

Paul Smith, Chairman

The Results

Ladies Singles (click for match report & photos)

Penny Ruddick beat Jess Fowell

4-6, 6-3, 1-0 (championship tie break 10-2)

Mens Singles (click for match report & photos)

Simon Ahsan beat Billy McCormick

6-4, 5-7, 1-0 (championship tie break 10-7)

Ladies Doubles (click for match report & photos)

Sarah Tate & Jess Fowell beat Nicky Long & Bridget Campbell

6-0, 7-6 (tie break 7-3)

Mens Doubles (click for match report & photos)

David Reeves & Simon Ahsan beat Lee Franklin & Paul Smith

6-3, 7-5

Mixed Plate (click for match report & photos)

Alison Houlston & Paul Fowell beat Ian Forrester & Val Jenkins

6-1, 6-0

Mixed Doubles (click for match report & photos)

Bridget Campbell & Simon Ahsan beat Nicky Long & Lee Franklin

6-4, 3-6, 1-0 (championship tie-break 11-9)

Jenny Phillips Award Trophy

Winner: Bridget Campbell

Bridget with chairman & president

Bridget with chairman & president

Gentlemen’s Challenge Trophy

Winner: Paul Fowell

Paul with chairman & president

Paul with chairman & president

This years final Tournament tally:-

Final Tournament Standings 2017


Previous Years:-

Jenny Phillip’s Award

This trophy was generously donated to the Club by Jenny’s husband in memory of her time at CMLTC. She had been a very enthusiastic and sociable member but sadly passed away in January 2011. The trophy was introduced to encourage more ladies to participate in the Club’s competitions and is awarded each year to the lady who accumulates the most points which are gained by both their participation and success in Club tournaments.


2011 ———————————– Val Jenkins

2012 ———————————– Nicky Long

2013 ———————————– Alison Houlston

2014 ———————————– Alison Houlston

2015 ———————————– Bridget Campbell

2016 ———————————– Nicky Long

Gentlemen’s Challenge Trophy

After the successful introduction of the ladies’ (Jenny Phillip’s Award) in 2011, we have, by popular demand, decided to introduce in 2014 a trophy that our men can strive towards winning by their participation and success in Club tournaments throughout the year. We anticipate that the winning of the Gentlemen’s Challenge Trophy will be keenly contested.


2014 ———————————– Colin Greenbaum

2015 ———————————– Gary Alford

2016 ———————————– James Whitehorn

Finals Day, 3 September 2016

For match reports and photos of the winners and runners up, please click on the link.
Corfe Mullen LTC finals 2016

Finals Day, 5 September 2015

The 2015 Corfe Mullen Lawn Tennis Club Finals took place on Saturday, 5 September in slightly cold and overcast weather conditions and eventually came to a conclusion just before sunset. There were six finals and the match reports are listed below.

All matches were played in fine spirit as usual, and I am very grateful to umpires and line judges for all their help through the day. Tea was provided by the committee members which was very well appreciated by all and trophies were organised by Val. Paul, our Chairman, thanked everybody for attending and for making the day so enjoyable.

Lee Franklin (Tournament Organiser)

The results on the day were as follows;


Men’s Singles

Billy McCormick beat Gary Alford ——- 6 – 1 , 6 – 4


Ladies’ Singles

Nicky Long beat Jess Fowell ——- 6 – 1 , 6 – 0


Men’s Doubles

Gary Alford and Allan Hansford beat Lee Franklin and David Reeves – 6 – 7, 6 – 4, 1 – 0 (Tie Break 10 – 6)


Ladies’ Doubles

Lynda Davies and Val Jenkins beat Nicky Long and Jean Willmot – 6 – 3 , 6 – 7, 1 – 0 (Tie Break 10 – 8)


Mixed Plate

Paul Smith and Val Jenkins beat Colin Greenbaum and Jess Fowell ——- 6 – 7 , 6 – 2 , 1 – 0 (Tie Break 10 – 3)


Mixed Doubles

Dev Kerai and Jennie Hathrill beat Gary Alford and Lynda Davies ——- 6 – 1 , 6 – 4


For match reports and photos of the winners and runners up, please click on the link.

Corfe Mullen LTC finals 2015